Re-elect Scott Gillingham:
Positive leadership for St. James

Scott Gillingham was first elected to Winnipeg City Council in 2014 after serving as pastor of the Grace Community Church in Charleswood for twelve years. During his time on council, he has become widely respected by colleagues, department staff and stakeholders.

Scott has been given several important responsibilities including the chair of the Winnipeg Police Board and the Standing Policy Committee on Finance. Scott has taken a responsible look at the city finances and during his two-year term as police board chair, he helped show leadership on curbing the year-to-year spending growth of the police budget, which is the largest individual line item in the City’s annual budget.  

Since moving to Finance in November 2016, Scott has applied the same focus on overall City finances and was proud to have overseen development of the 2018 Budget. This budget was noteworthy for having the smallest annual spending growth since Unicity was established. By focusing on targeted spending on items such as road repairs and manageable labour costs through firm collective bargaining negotiations, this responsible approach has been the hallmark of his time on City Council.

Scott also serves as the Council Liaison – Veteran & Military Affairs, a position he helped create. This has been an important role for working with the Canadian Armed Forces on issues related to personnel, planning and reservists policies. It also recognizes the contribution made to the city by the Forces presense, particularly with 17 Wing located right here in the St. James ward.

Scott and his wife Marla have been married for 25 years and live in Silver Heights. Together, they have raised two adult children, daughter Hannah and son Andrew.

A strong record of achievement for
St. James

  • Helped secure over $75 million in regional road renewal since 2014 including rebuilds of Empress, St. Matthews, St. James and Ness.
  • Fought for investments in St. James local parks, community centres, museums, minor sports and school playground project partnerships.
  • As Finance Chair, led development of the 2018 budget which included a record roads budget while holding spending growth below the rate of inflation.
  • Worked as Concil Liaison for Labour Relations to achieve labour cost increases that are sustainable for taxpayers.
  • Co-created the first Council Liaison for Veteran and Military Affairs to support Winnipeg's Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans and their families.



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